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Together with our insurance partner YouDecide

We offer the most competitive rates for expat insurance products in the U.S.

Please read more about the process and required documents below.

In order to QUOTE the lowest rate, the below information is needed:

• VIN (Vehicle Identification Number)
o Any insurance quote will be a sample quote until a VIN number is provided.

• A residential address within the U.S
o Until it is a permanent home address, quotes will need to be redone.

• A letter from your previous auto insurance company showing 5 years of history and any claims listed; usually known as a “No Claims Bonus Letter”. Without it, quoted rate will be higher.

• Proof of prior insurance or confirmation of proof of prior insurance exists. Without it, quoted rate will be higher.

• A local U.S driver’s license will help reduce insurance rates.

Below are the known details of your vehicle for the quote:

• Vehicle make/model
• VIN number
• Estimated delivery date

3 Easy Steps To Get A Quote

Click the button below to 1st Register, 2nd Choose type of insurance and 3rd provide the information listed above.

Screenshots are shown below of the process to get your quote!

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Expat Insurance Products

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    • Renters Insurance